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Easy Invoicing

Easy Invoicing for Mechanics is written on the Keep It Simple (KIS) principal to minimise data entry and increase invoicing efficiencies. 

A Simple, Efficient Invoicing Solution for Vehicle Workshops

  • Have a new customer? Simply add their details. They'll be added to your database, and when you post the invoice to Xero,
    the contact will be created in Xero. 
  • New Vehicle? Same thing - after adding the vehicle details, it will be automatically linked to the customer.
  • The Make and Model are added to the database as required - no external maintenance is needed. 
  • At the bottom of the form, you enter the parts and time used on the job.
  • Once the customer has paid, the invoice can be posted directly to Xero.
  • Posting to Xero is simple: all you need to to is push a button. 
  • Search by Customer Name, Phone number or Vehicle registration.
  • This system is free form - there are no parts or prices to maintain. 


To aid your business in offering a personalised, professional mechanical service, a service history is maintained within 
the software for each vehicle in your database.   

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Cost: Rental is just $1 + GST per week, chargeable annually in advance.